dri sponge iron price with higher content carbon

DRI sponge iron price generated in Sabzevar steel plant in the list sponge iron dri with a high carbon content, now that we are in January 2019, we announced in 200 dollars/tones.

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We determine the dri sponge iron price according to its analysis sheet. Analysis sheet contains the percentage of total iron and the percentage of iron in the metal. Of course, in determining the price, in addition to the two issues, we must also pay attention to other product specifications. One of these is the percentage of carbon. Therefore, in determining the dri sponge iron price, we must attention to these parameters:

  • Iron purity (Fe total)
  • The amount of metallization of iron (% Fe metal)
  • Also percentage of carbon and alloying elements

Sponge iron prices up 25 percent

It is very important to set the percentage of molten carbon to achieve a specific chemical composition in steel ingot. As you know, steel bars have different grades that differ in terms of carbon content and other alloying elements. So it depends on the grade of steel ingot production number, the percentage of carbon and alloying elements can be controlled. In combination with sponge iron, products such as scrap iron (of course, a special type of cast iron scrap) also need to be used to check carbon percentage by the company’s quality control department. Because this type of iron scrap is carbon consuming.

Sometimes it is necessary to use sponge iron with a low carbon content. And sometimes also dri sponge iron with higher content carbon. In this case, in the sale of sponge iron, the percentage of carbon injected in the sheet of analysis of sponge iron will be analyzed by the buyer. If you are interested in buy sponge iron for your purchase details at the time of price and inventory inquiry, we can offer you the best option available. Please note that our offer will be based on your request.

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