dri sponge iron plant

Dri sponge iron plant in Iran with a tonnage of 1850000 tons in Mega modulus No.2, Mega modulus of direct reduction of Caursar in two kinds of cold sponge iron and hot sponge iron.

List of sponge iron plants in Iran

Iran is one of the most important countries in terms of tonnage and annual production capacity in the list of sponge iron producers in the world. As we have said, the production of Iranian dri sponge iron plant is carried out in two types of hot products (for a thin slab and hot rolled sheet in a continuous manner) and cold for export to other factories.

Dri sponge iron of Simurgh Iron and Steel Co

Sponge iron is supplied by Simorgh iron and steel company in two types of low carbon and high carbon. The low carbon type is often demanded by small steelmaking units and factories that are equipped with induction furnaces and produce iron ingots. Purchase of high carbon sponge iron is also done by units equipped with arc furnaces or units producing ingot and cast iron ingots.

You are also dependent on the equipment you use and the production of your ingots, and, of course, to confirm and review your production supervisor, you can select the right quality from the two analyzes available for purchase.

Dri sponge iron price

The price of sponge iron on the stock is often close to 50% of the price of bloom ingots. In the free market, the price of sponge iron is also slightly lower than the stock price. Of course, it should be noted that global prices and fluctuations in international markets, along with fluctuations in exchange rates, have an impact on the price of sponge iron.

Sponge iron exports

The production of sponge iron in Iran, as we stated at the beginning of the article, is carried out in high tonnage. And, thankfully, because of its high production capacity, Iran is not only successful in supplying steel-making steel lines to domestic companies, it also has significant sponge iron exports.

Sponge iron analysis

You can get a low carbon and high carbon sponge iron analysis from the sales department of the company. Day Price Inquiry and Order Registration are also available through the following communication channels.

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