dri sponge iron fines sale

Dri sponge iron fines sale with high metallization to produce iron ore briquettes. Of course, the car brake pad is another product used in its production of sponge iron fine. The important thing is that the sponge iron fines buy for different uses must be of a quality appropriate to its type of use. For example, in the purchase of sponge iron fines for the production of iron ore briquettes, the percentage of metal iron is much more noticeable.

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In the sale of sponge iron fines, two issues are of great importance. The first in the analysis and the percentage of Fe metal is the product. Briquette sponge iron plants require sponge iron fines with high metallization rates. Of course, we would like to point out the production and sale of sponge iron briquettes. Sponge iron briquettes are used directly for the production of steel in melting factories for induction and arc furnaces.

Briquette iron is suitable for induction furnace, briquette with high metallization percent, while the percentage of iron in arc furnaces, this parameter is less sensitive metal. So in the production of iron briquettes for induction furnace, is required of sponge iron fine with high metallization use.

As can be seen from the above explanation, attention should be paid to the analysis and quality of this product, taking into account the type of final use of this.

Sponge iron fines price

The second issue, which is important for the purchase and sale of this product, is its price. Sponge iron fines is used as a raw material that can not be replaced. The raw material for the production of sponge iron briquettes also production of automotive brake linings. Therefore, there is a constant need for factories for this product. Definitely achieving a reasonable its price. will control the production and supply costs of the finished product.

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