Dri sludge Distribution centers

Sludge that has been fully digested and stabilized by one of the aerobic or anaerobic methods should be gray in color and free from unpleasant odors. Such a sludge has a high yield strength and its particle adhesion is very low. In order for such a sludge to be removed from the sewage treatment plant, its concentration must be increased so that the sludge concentration reaches 50 to 85%. If you want to pack the sludge in powder form and make it available to the farmers, its humidity must be more than 15%. For more information on Dri Sludge Distribution Centers, please visit our website.

Dri sludge Distribution centers

Different types of dri sludge

Different types of dri sludge To achieve this goal, several methods are common, the most important of which are: Use of sludge dryers Use of mechanical methods Use of lakes or sludge drying pits Thermal methods Spray dryer Sludge drying method Due to the climatic conditions and low humidity in Iranian cities, this method is one of the most suitable and cheapest methods for drying mud. The procedure consists of spreading the sludge on the substrates in thick layers of 20 to 40 cm thick. Due to the presence of some gas in the mud and the bubbles emerging as it enters the bed, the mud clots appear first in the form of foam and the mud water collects at the bottom. Therefore, this sludge water has to be separated from the sludge by a drainage system at the bottom of the bed.

Usually the dimensions of sludge dryer beds are 5 to 20 meters wide and 10 to 50 meters long, and these dimensions naturally apply in the event that mechanical devices are used to collect sludge. In manual mode, the width should not be more than 4 to 5 meters. The collected sludge water must be fed back into the wastewater circuit of the sewage treatment plant at the point in front of the bioremediation systems. These pits can do the job of drying sludge beds and even part of the sludge digestion process together. The height of the mud in these pits can be chosen between 1 and 3 meters. Such pits should be located in places where the water table is low and away from the public environment.

The direction of the wind, the possibility of mosquitos and unpleasant smells should be predicted. Mechanical methods of drying The use of this sludge dewatering method is very common in developed countries, but it is not widely used in Iran due to some problems such as lack of equipment for this method, equipment sensitivity, difficult driving and high energy consumption. In all mechanical processes, the sludge water obtained must be transferred to the pretreatment point of the biological sewage treatment plant and fed back into the sewage treatment plant for treatment.

The most important mechanical methods for sludge dewatering are: A: centrifugal machines This process uses centrifugal force to separate the sludge solids from the sludge water. They are usually cylindrical or rotating cones. One of the important features of this method is the small footprint of equipment and the reduced need for maintenance and expertise. In this process, the sludge concentration obtained reaches 20 to 30%, so its concentration should be reduced before the initial sludge is transported. You can find more information on dri sludge density our website.

Distributing dri sludge in bulk amount

Distributing dri sludge in bulk amount Distributing dri sludge in bulk amount is possible by our company and it is distributed all over the country at a good price, so you can For more information about dri sludge use, visit our site.

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