Dri fines price Distribution centers

Crude steel is made from two general methods: preparing crude iron (or molten cast iron) in blast furnaces or direct reduction of iron ore, sponge iron and scrap from an electric arc file in electric furnaces. It is worth noting that more than 70% of the world’s steel is produced by the blast furnace method, while Iran’s steel industry is going through a completely different path and the share of electric arc furnaces is higher. The choice of any of the above manufacturing methods depends on different parameters. Raw material and energy prices can be stated as one of the most effective parameters in this area. Coal and coke can be named as the main raw materials used in steel production by the blast furnace method. Therefore, abundant and relatively inexpensive natural gas resources as well as high quality iron ore reserves are one of the most important reasons for the development of electric arc furnaces in Iran. For more information about the dri fines price visit our site.

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Dri fines price Distribution centers

What is dri fines?

What is dri fines? Sponge iron is one of the raw materials used to produce crude steel by electric arc furnaces. Sponge iron is the product of direct reduction of iron ore pellets. This product is of high quality and has been evaluated for the lack of scrap iron, rising prices, and environmental issues from its use. Iran is the largest sponge iron producer and a variety of methods are used to produce this foreign origin and always facing restrictions in the country; For this reason, industrial units have tried to minimize these barriers over the years.

For example, they have taken various measures and presented plans to improve production conditions, creating different conditions to improve pellet input, higher metallization or higher productivity. So these technologies have progressed and developed in their own way. In this context, country experts, who are fully familiar with resuscitation technologies, have invented a method that has the advantages and disadvantages of previous methods, sometimes in terms of quantity and quality and energy consumption and efficiency, by making various changes and modifications.

Based on their scientific principles and experience, Iranian experts developed an idea for a new regeneration method called PERED, where it is possible to produce various products such as direct reduction of iron ore (DRI), hot sponge iron briquettes (HBI). and HDRI according to customer needs. Natural gas or synthetic gas can be used to produce products in the aforementioned technology. Units built with this technology can produce between 400,000 tons and 1.8 million tons of sponge iron per year. PERED can be considered as an optimized method for producing sponge iron. This technology is registered in Germany under the name PERED (Persian Reduction) and under license from the Iranian company MME.

Using this new method to produce sponge iron has advantages over previous methods. In the past, other methods with imported technology were used to regenerate iron pellets and produce sponge iron. Therefore, units using this technology are obliged to pay a fee to the owner abroad under the name of royalty and exploitation and club membership. But now, as the new technology has been invented and registered by Iranian experts, local units will be exempted from paying such expenses. So it reduces production costs from the very beginning. For more information on dri fines supply visit our site.

Distributing dri fines in bulk

Distributing dri fines in bulk Distributing dri fines in bulk is done by our collection all over the country and we distribute this product at a good price. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about dri fines wholesale.

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