Direct reduction iron Local Suppliers

Areas based on the production of crude iron and steel are one of the most comprehensive and infrastructural areas of the country. In recent decades, much attention has been paid to new methods in this industry in order to optimize the problems of traditional processes and methods of iron production, as well as industrial processes. One of these methods is direct reduction processes. In the process of direct reduction with coal, solid gas heterogeneous chemical reactions are reduced. During these reactions, iron oxides are reduced in several stages from hematite to magnetite, from magnetite to vestite, and finally from vestite to iron. For more information on direct reduction irons, visit our website.

Direct reduction iron Local Suppliers

The specifications of direct reduction iron

The specifications of direct reduction iron About 75% of all sponge iron produced in the world is produced by Midrex and Achival methods. Today, most of the world’s steel production is devoted to two methods of blast furnace – converter and direct reduction – electric melting, and the second method is significantly evolving and evolving. The process of steel production based on direct reduction – electric melting, involves the two-stage production of sponge iron and then its conversion into steel in an electric summer furnace. In the direct reduction method, iron oxide particles are lowered into the sponge iron in contact with reducing gases, including H2, CO and CH4, between 750 and 900 ° C. Sponge iron usually contains more than 90% iron in the form of metal, which has a strong tendency to combine with oxygen.

To make iron, impurities such as oxygen must be removed from the iron ore by chemical reduction. There are different ways of producing iron. Most of this production is carried out by the blast furnace process. In a blast furnace, smelted iron ore enters the furnace as a reducing agent after some processes, and the carbon on the outside becomes molten iron, which in turn converts the molten iron into steel in a converter. For many years, blast furnaces have been one of the most important and efficient methods in the production of iron, and now provide more than 90% of the world’s demand for iron.

Iron production process with high furnace in terms of production speed; It has high efficiency, but needs quality raw materials. In the blast furnace, iron is produced by burning coke, and the price of coke increases due to the reduction of coking coal reserves. In addition, the preparation of raw materials for this process, such as agglomeration, coking and sintering, brings high costs to the steel industry. For more information direct reduction iron wholesalers visit our website.

Focal suppliers of direct reduction iron

Focal suppliers of direct reduction iron Our company is one of the Focal suppliers of direct reduction iron and delivers this product to the customer at a good price, which we also export to other countries, so you can For more information about direct reduction iron in bulk, visit our site.

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