Direct reduced iron fines Wholesale production

About 5% of the world’s steel is made from sponge iron (DRI), and this trend is growing. Sponge iron is obtained directly by reducing iron ore, also called DRI. Today, sponge iron is produced by reducing iron ore without melting. This makes it an efficient energy source for specialty steelmakers who rely on scrap metal. For more information direct reduced iron fines visit our website.

Direct reduced iron fines Wholesale production

Unique Characteristics of direct reduced iron fines

Unique Characteristics of direct reduced iron fines In 1989, for some reason, one of the induction factories in Yazd started using sponges for the first time. Later, many factories used sponge iron, albeit belatedly. The first reaction was negative in almost all factories. Because they were unfamiliar with the charging method, the latter disrupted the melting analysis compared to the phosphorus and sulfur crumbs in the sponge iron and made high carbon difficult. The melting time was long and the slag was terrible. Thus, as it was used, many factories stopped using it until recently.

Many small and large steel production units in the country use these methods. Iran has more natural resources at its disposal for direct recovery. Sponge iron scrap is a good alternative to scrap iron, so instead of scrap, we can provide a high amount of raw material to meet the required smelting for steel production units. Sponge iron is generally produced from iron ore in two ways: Gas-based or Coal-based to reduce iron. The gas method is generally used in countries with gas reserves. In Iran, for example, Khuzestan Steel and Mobarakeh Steel use gas as a reducing agent.

The most popular direct gas reduction methods are Midrex and HYL. Eritech and MMTE are licensed to build direct recovery plants with Midrex technology (Kobe Steel, Japan) (Midrex Technology is originally American). This method is one of the most widely used production methods in Iran and the world. In this method, natural gas enters the gas breaking unit, is then applied by heat, and special catalysts are converted into hydrogen and carbon. This hydrogen and carbon then enters a furnace called a reduction furnace, where the iron granules melt and combine with the oxygen granules to regenerate the iron ore.

This method is the least consumed and most efficient method in Iran and the world. About 80% of Iran’s sponge iron is produced in this way. Then there is the HYL method, but with high energy consumption and capacity problems. For this reason, HYL and coal-based methods are not used in Iran. For more information direct reduced iron fines price visit our website.

Bulk production of direct reduced iron fines

Bulk production of direct reduced iron fines Bulk production of direct reduced iron fines is done by our company and sold to other countries at a good price, which makes it a good currency for the country, so you can For more information about direct reduced iron fines in bulk, visit our site.

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