Different Steel angles types for sale

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Different Steel angles types for sale

How strong is angle steel?

How strong is angle steel? These profiles are produced in “L” shape and include two types:

  • Equilateral angled sections with uniformly sized bases.
  • Angled sections with unequal angles with bases of different sizes.

Angled profiles are used in the construction of roof trusses. Equal angled angled profiles are available in sizes 20x20x3 mm to 200x200x25 mm, and unequal angled corner profiles are available in 30x20x3 mm to 200x150x18 mm. The corner sections have two equal wings, both of which are connected together at the ends and are commonly used in steel frames.

These sections are available in different sizes from 100 100 45 mm to 400 × 100 mm. In T-shaped sections, the wing and core of the section are made in a “T” shape and these sections are used in trusses to strengthen the structure. In addition, two angled sections can be used side by side to make such sections. The dimensions of the T-shaped profiles vary between 20x20x3 mm and 150x150x10 mm.

I-shaped sections, also called metal beams or beams, are used as beams and columns in the structure. These profiles are produced in different sizes from 75 × 50 mm to 600 × 210 mm. Round rebar has a circular cross-section used as reinforcement in concrete structures and metal furnaces. These rebars range in diameter from 5 to 250 mm. This type of reinforcement has a square cross section and can be used for doors, windows, nets, etc. It is widely used in its construction. The cross-sectional dimensions of these rebars also vary between 5 and 250 mm. It is also used in the construction of straight sections, doors and windows.

These sections are determined according to their width, ranging from 10 to 400 mm. In addition, the thickness of straight sections is from 3 mm to 40 mm. Ribbed sheets are made of plain steel sheets. In making these sheets, devices are used that create a tread by applying pressure on simple sheets. These sheets are used in the construction of roofs.For more information on steel angle sizes and weights visit our site.

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