Different Iron concentrate types for sale

Flotation is the most common method of desulfurizing iron concentrate in iron ore processing plants. The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility of increasing the metallurgical efficiency of the Sangan Iron Ore Processing Plant flotation circuit. For more information on the iron concentrate types visit our site.

Different Iron concentrate types for sale

What is iron concentrate?

What is iron concentrate? The processing circuit usually consists of crushing, grinding, raising and dewatering units. In addition to these units, transportation, water supply, facilities, etc. They are auxiliary units. The first stage (crushing) in the factory starts with the entry of the mineral into the crusher. In this section, pieces of 20-25 to 100 cm are crushed in sizes smaller than 25-20 cm. Of course, a fixed screen screen is installed at the crusher inlet with holes equal to the dimensions of the crusher outlet. In this way, smaller sizes do not enter the crusher so they do not shrink.

The crushed minerals then enter the next crushing and screening stage via a conveyor. In this section, which can be two-stage dry crushing depending on the size and properties of the minerals, a cone crusher is used and the sizes of the minerals are reduced to 30 mm. Multi-stage crushing is done to control granulation and prevent over-crushing of minerals. The second stage is grinding, and minerals smaller than 30 mm in size enter the grinding stage for “wet” advanced crushing. At this stage, the material is ground with a self-crushing or semi-crushed mill or a pressure roller up to 0.5 mm.

This material with dimensions 0-1 / 5 is then directed to the next stage where it is further crushed by ball mills. In these parts, crushing is done in a “wet” environment, the crushing dimensions are controlled by hydrocyclones, and the transmission of the materials floating in the water and forming the slurry composition is done by pumps. The third stage is improvement. At this stage, the particles have reached the desired small size after going through the grinding stage and it is necessary to move on to the next stage in order to separate valuable materials from intracellular waste compounds.

The slurry is pumped to the magnetic separation stage. Wet magnetic separators are drum type separators. Slares are passed over these magnetic drums. Iron ore is attached to the drum. They are collected from the drum with a knife at the end of the drum. Other minerals in the slurry are also removed from the equipment. These magnetic separators have low density, medium density, high density and high gradient (quantity) properties selected according to the mineral properties and processing test on the mineral and if elements such as phosphorus and sulfur are present in the concentrate.

The flotation method is used to separate irritating substances from the concentrate. The fourth stage is dewatering, and refined iron ore contains water in quantities that need to be dewatered and dried, and its moisture reaches 9-10%. For this purpose, filters are used to separate the resulting concentrated water. The dehydrated concentrate is then transferred to the product store and stored there. Waste is also directed to equipment called Tickner for dewatering.

There, solids settle and water overflows from the top of the tank. The settled solid particles are also directed to the center by the Thickner ground collector arm and to the tailings dam by a pump. To increase the sedimentation rate, a polymeric chemical called flocculant is used, which causes waste particles to stick together and increase their falling rate. For more information about iron ore concentrate price, visit our site.

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