concentrate iron ore 67 fe price

Concentrate iron ore 67 fe price is often higher because of the higher purity. Of course, in buy iron ore concentrate in concentrate analysis, in addition to the percentage of purity, we must also pay attention to the percentage of impurities present in the product.

Purchase of concentrate iron ore with the aim of processing and converting it into iron ore pellets. The fine grain size of iron concentrate is due to the inability to use it directly in the melting process. But after agglomeration, the product can be used directly or after direct reduction.

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The sale of Iranian iron concentrate with purity in the range of 67%, which can be seen below, is carried out by Simurgh Iron & Steel Company. As you can see in the iron ore concentrate Analysis sheet, in addition to the purity of the iron product, the percentage of impurities present in the concentrate is also specifically mentioned.

>=67 % Fe
>=28 % FeO
<0.05 % S
<0.08 % P
<1 % CaO
<4.2 % Al2O3+SiO2
<9 % Moisture
<70 Micron K80
>1600 Cm2/gr Blain

Of course, the percentage of iron purity in iron concentrate is often in the range of 64 to 69 percent. Concentrate iron ore 67 Fe price is often referred to as high-grade iron concentrate in the price list of the export concentrate. Of course, the purity as mentioned above is just one of the important factors in determining the price of concentrate iron ore 67 fe price. The percentage of harmful elements such as phosphorus and sulfur, as well as the size of concentrate seeds, the percentage of other alloying elements, etc., is also very important.

Iron concentrates are 66% and 65% available for sale. You can contact us to get an analysis, the price of each day, and the terms of purchase. The purchase price of iron ore concentrate 67% of Bandar Abbas fob is now around 62.2 dollars on January 16, 2019.

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