Cast iron skull scrap Wholesale price

Cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon and silicon made from gray crude iron. To make cast iron, crude iron is melted in special kilns along with some scrap iron to burn some of its carbon, and impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus, which greatly affect its properties, are removed as slag. The remaining molten metal, which also contains some manganese, is called cast iron. Manganese hardens cast iron, and silicon hardens cast iron into graphite. The amount of carbon in cast iron is 2.5-2% of its weight. For more information about Cast iron skull scrap Wholesale price visit our site.

Cast iron skull scrap Wholesale price

The specifications of cast iron skull scrap

The specifications of cast iron skull scrap The material of cast iron depends on the rate of cooling and the type of crude iron that is used in its manufacture. The relatively low price and the characteristics of cast iron have led to its use in various industries. In the construction industry, cast iron is used to make water and sewage pipes, fences, flooring, fittings, and so on. Cast iron production furnaces When cast iron is made from raw iron, because some of the carbon in the raw iron burns and some of its impurities are released as slag, the weight of the cast iron from the raw iron used is slightly less. To produce cast iron, three types of furnaces are used as follows. Flame Furnace: This furnace consists of a large covered container in which crude iron is poured and a flame is placed on it to burn carbon and other elements of crude iron and cast iron is produced with 6-10% weight loss.

This smelter is not used in this furnace and its fuel consumption is high. Couple furnace: The shape of this furnace and its working process is similar to a long melting iron furnace, with the difference that it is somewhat smaller. In the coupling furnace, raw iron is converted to cast iron with a weight loss of 3-6%. Electric furnace: The heat of this furnace is supplied by electricity and its advantage over the previous two furnaces is that its temperature can be raised and kept constant. Electric furnaces are used to produce special and high-strength cast irons. Investigation of cast iron properties Cast iron, like crude iron, turns from solid to liquid without a paste. Therefore, it does not have good hammering ability. Cast iron is hard and brittle, it has more fire resistance than steel and rusts late. Each meter of cast iron will increase in length by 0.01 mm for each degree of temperature increase.

Introduction of cast iron types Different types of cast iron are similar to crude iron and have in common that they are all resistant to pressure. White cast iron: If molten cast iron is cooled quickly, its carbon will not form graphite. The low amount of silicon in white cast iron also causes a small amount of carbon in the form of graphite. The broken surface of white cast iron has fine grains and its material is hard so that it can not be scraped. They make small tools out of this cast iron. Gray cast iron: When molten cast iron is cooled slowly and there is a lot of silicon in it, more carbon in the form of graphite and darkens the color of cast iron. Gray cast iron is softer than white cast iron, brittle, malleable, and has a coarse grain surface. From this cast iron for making cast iron pipes, studs, window profiles, cast iron floor caps, cast iron grids, fittings and…. use. For more information about cast iron skull scrap suppliers, visit our site.

Bulk price of cast iron skull scrap in 2021

Bulk price of cast iron skull scrap in 2021 Bulk price of cast iron skull scrap in 2021, due to the changes in the world’s major currencies, has also had a great impact on this product, which you can refer to our official website for the exact price of this product, and you can also cast iron skull scrap wholesalers Talk to our professional experts in this field and buy the product.

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