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Buy sponge iron ore dri of iran with more than 90% Fe total is used for charging arc furnaces and induction furnaces by domestic steel units. The buy sponge iron ore dri is increasing due to the increasing number of factories equipped with these types of furnaces.

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Jahan Foolad Sirjan is one of the large sponge iron ore dri plant in iran. Its production capacity is about two million tons per year. sponge iron ore dri of Jahan Foolad Sirjan sale for supply domestic plants, of course, to export to other countries.

Sponge iron suppliers

The high quality of Iran sponge iron, fortunately, has been a good place for Iran to export sponge iron. The Fe total ore percentage of Iran sponge iron is often in the range of 88 to 92 percent. Jahan Foolad Sirjan produces and supplies sponge iron with more than 90% for Fe total. The use of high-grade iron pellets, 67% iron pellets, is the reasons for the success of this high-grade product.
Of course, the most important issue, especially for steel making factories equipped with induction furnaces, is the percentage of metallization. In other words, the percentage of Fe metal is important. The percentage of metallization of iran sponge iron produced is more than 91%.

Pered persian reduction

Of course, In Iran, factories use two methods to produce sponge iron. In addition to midrex process for the production of sponge iron ore dri, native pered persian reduction technology is also used. Pered is abbreviation of Persian reduction iron ore. Several factories use the Native pered technology. It has been widely used for the production of sponge iron dri. Fortunately, the grade sponge iron produced with this method is high. So this method has proven the success of the technology for the production of sponge iron dri.

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