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Iron mill scale buyers can buy this products in the tonnage of 6,000 tons ready to be loaded and can be increased to a tonnage of 10,000 tons per month from the Simurgh iron and steel company. The purity and grade of the product are stated below. Iron mill scale hs code is 26190090.

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Iron mill scale buyers often reuse it in the steel production chain. The analysis of iron mill scale often shows a purity greater than 73% for this product. So it is possible to use it in a long oven and converter. Some of the big steel mills are using this product in their production line. We can introduce Mobarakeh Steel Co, among them. Iron mill scale, also known as billet shell, are the product of the casting, slab modification, and rolling lines.

Iron mill scale price

The iron mill scale uses in electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces has also been tested. Fortunately, what we have experienced as a result of our cooperation with the factories is the use of this product for arc furnace and induction furnace, subject to the parameters and conditions. Iron mill scale buyers can first buy it in low quantities. For determine the ability to use the iron mill scale in your production line. You can sign a long-term purchase contract with your factory development and quality control unit.

Iron dust mill scale analysis

The iron dust mill scale analysis of the Simurgh iron and steel company shows a purity of about 73.51% with a very low phosphorous content of about 0.031%. To get an accurate and complete analysis of the iron mill scale, get the iron mill scale price and order purchase order, you can use the following communication paths to contact us.

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