buy cold briquetted iron

Buy cold briquetted iron is intended for use in combination with iron scrap in induction melting and arc furnaces. Cold briquetted iron are obtained by combining sponge iron, silicate glue and lime under pressure and heat.

Sponge iron is the middle product of the steel industry. Middle product of mine and steel industry. With the aim of using in combination with scrap iron, it is produced in arc furnaces and induction furnaces. Because iron ore pellets can not be used in these furnaces, they come in the form of sponge iron. Then they can be found in the form of sponge iron.

Iron ore briquettes

Iron briquettes are also used in combination with scrap iron in induction furnaces and arches. In fact, we have two kinds of iron briquettes.

Hot briquetted iron (hbi)

Sponge iron is placed under the briquetting process at 650 ° C. This product named hot briquetted iron. The goal of this process is to increase the storage capacity and reduce the risks of sponge iron transportation.

Cold briquetted sponge iron or fines sponge iron briquett

One of the products of the waste that is collected in the direct reduction unit and the time of shipment of the cargo to the melting plant under the siege is the sponge iron fines. This product can not be a good charge for the furnace due to its small parts. Therefore, it is placed under the briquetting process. The sponge iron briquettes obtained can be used in the form of mixed scraps in smelting furnaces. Buy cold briquetted sponge iron is carried out for this purpose.

Currently, several units of briquetting in different regions of our country Iran, such as the Persian Gulf, Tabriz, Isfahan, etc. are operating. Thankfully, sponge iron briquettes exports plus domestic consumption is booming.

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