briquetted iron manufacturer supply

DRI is a completely pure and high quality charging material in the world. Sponge iron briquette is a product that is produced from sponge iron in the briquetting process and is used in many steelmaking units in the world. The process of sponge iron briquetting is divided into two groups, cold briquetting and hot briquetting according to the temperature of the inlet sponge iron entering the briquetting machine. It offers briquetted iron manufacturer supply to the market at an affordable price.

briquetted iron manufacturer supply

tips to buy briquetted iron

tips to buy briquetted iron

Sponge iron briquettes are products made from sponge iron and used in many steelmaking units around the world. The briquetting process is divided into hot and cold groups according to the temperature of the sponge iron entering the briquetting machine.

The uses of briquettes are:

  • Steel iron: sponge iron, coal and coke
  • Minerals: dolomite, manganese, lime, ferroalloy, etc.
  • Chemicals: Chemical fertilizers and hygienic detergents

Types of briquettes:

  • Hot sponge iron briquette
  • Soft sponge iron briquette
  • Cold sponge iron briquettes

Hot iron sponge briquette (HBI): Its production process is at a temperature of more than 650 degrees Celsius. Features of this type of briquette are ease of transportation and its resistance to oxidation, durability and high mechanical strength. This type of briquette is the most important product for easy and safe transportation of sponge iron in the world.

Sponge iron briquette (CBI): Due to the limited production volume of sponge iron and its not so good properties, it is never offered as a commercial product in the world market. And is used only for the optimal use of by-products of the direct reduction unit.

Cold sponge iron briquette (CDRI): Cold sponge iron is produced in many direct reduction units in the world and due to low abrasion resistance and poor mechanical characteristics, its transportation and storage process is associated with problems. And it is very expensive.

In order to solve this problem and enter the global market, the product of cold iron and carbon briquette (CBIC) is offered as a new product. CBIC is a product made from cold sponge iron in the briquetting process. This product has good mechanical strength and chemical endurance and has the ability to store and transport in the direct regeneration industry. For more information about hot briquetted iron price, you can visit our collection website.

briquetted iron manufacturer marketing

briquetted iron manufacturer marketing

Today, Iran is known as one of the largest producers of iron briquettes in the world. Since almost all active direct recovery units in the country produce briquettes, most of them have had problems in storing and transporting their briquettes.Thus, recognizing this problem and also the imbalance of production capacity of direct reduction units and active steelmaking in the country in different seasons of the year, Tadbir Sanat Asia Company seeks to provide a solution to get out of this problem and enter the global markets of sponge iron Invented Iron and Carbon Cold (CBIC) as a new product in the sponge iron industry.

Therefore, our collection and briquetted iron manufacturer marketing was done with high accuracy and this product was well introduced to customers.

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