%60 Fe magnetite iron ore for sale

% 60 Fe magnetite iron ore for sale is offered by Simurgh iron and steel company. Currently, the full list of supplies from the mines and sites of Simurgh iron and steel company include iron ore 60-61 percent, iron ore 54-56 percent, iron ore 58-59 percent.

Iron ore mines of Simurgh Iron co

From the iron ore mine located in Bafgh, Yazd province, we can now provide 58-59% of the total. From the mine of Simurgh iron and steel company in Zanjan, we can also provide Magnetite iron ore grade 60-61% with a tonnage of 15 to 20 thousand tons and grains 10-10 delivered by Imam Port. Also, iron ore with a grade of 54-56%, with a tonnage of thirty thousand tons can be supplied from the mine of Simurgh iron and steel company.

Iron ore mines of Simurgh Iron co

Magnetite iron ore for sale

The sale of magnetite iron ore in global markets ranges from 54 to 62 percent. For the type of iron ore hematite, the purity range for iron ore is also 52 to 62 percent in the same range.

Magnetite iron ore price per ton

The latest magnetite iron ore price per ton with a purity of 62%, delivery by the cfr of China, is set at $ 92.09 per tonne. (Price is April 19, 2019.) For the latest iron ore price, please refer to the World News website at the official website of the Simurgh Iron and Steel Company.

Magnetite iron ore suppliers

Iran’s magnetite iron ore in the export sector is mostly made by the Chinese side. In other words, we can state that the most important destination for Iranian iron ore exports is China. Iran exports iron ore to China at 58%, 60-62% or lower grades, for example, iron ore with a purity of 55%.

Chinese buyers of iron ore

In this section, we want to briefly examine the behavior of Chinese traders in buying iron ore from Iran. Most quotes from Chinese traders refer to a transaction subject to the ciq certificate. Often, they also claim to retain a percentage of the amount until the ciq approval in China. After the cargo is evacuated. On the other hand, they also tend to deal with lc (documentary) payments. However, we (Simurgh iron and steel company) often ship the goods as FOB or CFR with SGS certification. Also with cash payment. You can contact the company’s sales department to find out about the price and inventory of the site and the mines of Simurgh iron and steel company. You can apply for the order of the same route. Or directly with Ms. Nematzadeh’s business management company.

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