Steel World News 2019: news of the day related to the iron ore prices, iron ore pellets, iron ore concentrate, dri sponge iron, iron briquettes, steel billet and slab, steel rebar and … in the following articles on a daily basis. Click on the relevant article for the price of each product.


Article 1: (steel ingot price in china)

Click on the link to get a quote for CIS and tangshan billet price .

Article 2: (Iron ore prices in China)

For information on the iron ore world price, please click on the link.

Article 3: (Steel scrap prices today)

Check out the latest price of scrap iron in this article. The analysis of the price fluctuation of iron scrap with the latest incident of steel production in the world is also stated in the article. This analysis is based on the price fluctuation of all products, including iron ore, steel billet and … by Simorgh Iron and Steel Company on this page and the links in it.

Article 4: Metal Bulletin (Recent Prices and Market Analysis for Mining and Mineral Products)

Metal Bulletin – Metal Bulletin Daily 2019.04.09

Article 5: PLATTS Platinum Institute Weekly Report (Latest Prices and Market Analysis of Steel World Products)

Last Updated (Today’s Paypal Report – SD_2019.04.05) Please click.


Monthly reports

Article 5: 2019-2025 Apex Irons Review

Article 6: World Steel_2019_02

Article 7: Metal Market Magazine April 2019

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