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sponge iron prices

High grade sponge iron Wholesale price

Sponge iron scrap is purchased for arc and induction furnaces. Scrap and sponge iron are two cargo products that are actually the feed of arc and induction furn

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Sponge iron Price Fluctuation

In induction furnaces, 50% sponge iron and 50% scrap iron and sponge iron are used in making iron and steel. This is a good example of the importance of sponge

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Sponge iron affordable prices

The iron produced by the various stages of direct reduction is called sponge iron. This type of iron is used in various industries, so it is in great demand in

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prices of sponge iron sludge

Determine the prices of sponge iron sludge in the buy and sale of sponge iron sludge according to its analysis. The analysis consists of total iron content, iron oxide percentage and its type, the percentage of impurities in the product including phosphorus, silica, etc., as well as its moisture content.

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