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iron price

Top notch steel ingot Distribution centers

Bloom’s characteristics in terms of length, size and strength enabled this product to be used in the production of rails, studs, beams, rebars and many other pr

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Top notch galvanized sheet Distribution centers

When zinc is used in a simple electroplating method without further
processing, it changes color over time in the presence of air and
becomes dark gray. To av

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Premium steel slab Exporting Countries

Iran is the largest
Premium steel slab Exporting Countrie, which in this regard has been able to help the economic prosperity of the country.It is one of the mo

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Superb Steel billets Sales growth

As mentioned, to produce any type of steel product, a type of ingot must be used. Of course, here we refer to the important issue that the products that are pro

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Highest quality galvanized sheet Domestic production

Highest quality galvanized sheet, even if its coating is broken, is protected from rust. Zinc is oxidized at the anode because the metal is lower or more active

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Highest quality galvanized sheet affordable prices

Wholesale Highest quality galvanized sheet in markets all over the country, supplier of the best products. You can buy bulk galvanized sheets from these centers

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High grade Steel billets Price Fluctuation

To produce low size and high size rebar…. More important than the size of the ingot is the amount of carbon in the ingot and its analysis.

For size 14 to 40 re

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First rate Steel billets affordable prices

Steel is an iron alloy with a carbon content between 0.002% and 2.1% by weight. The properties of steel can be controlled by changes in carbon, alloying element

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First rate sheet steel Wholesale Supplier

Although cold rolled steel is more expensive than hot rolled steel, its advantages make it useful for many applications. Final products need a lower level to pr

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