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iron ore concentrate

Iron ore and concentrate Mineralogically, iron ore can be classified into five groups. Includes: hematite (Fe2O3), magnetite (Fe3O4), limonite (Fe2O3.3H2O), siderite (FeCO3), zeolite Of these five minerals, hematite and magnetite are the most important types of iron ore. More than 95% of the iron ore mined is used to produce steel. After extraction, iron ore is mined to increase purity. During this process, iron ore is produced in various grains, concentrates and iron ore pellets and enters the steelmaking chain

Iron pellets

Pellets are obtained during the pelletizing process from iron ore concentrate. Iron pellets are porous pellets of 6 to 25 mm, which often have a purity of 64 to 66 percent. The reason for pelletizing iron concentrate is the powder form and fine granulation of concentrate, which makes it possible to use it directly in the furnace. Iron ore pellets are used in two ways. Direct use for melting in blast furnace and use in regeneration unit for sponge iron production.

steel scrap

In the various sectors of the steelmaking chain, from the ore mining unit to the steelmaking unit, steel waste is obtained that can be returned to the steelmaking chain or used in other industries.

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Simorgh Azerbaijan Steel Industrial and Mining Complex has started its activities in the field of production and supply of various raw materials for the steel industry, including iron ore, iron concentrate, iron pellets, sponge iron and briquettes, since 2015. In addition to production, the possibility of supplying and purifying all kinds of raw materials with steel products is one of the distinctive features of this complex, which has created the opportunity for distinct cooperation with partner companies and steel and ingot factories. Nematzadeh as the Chairman of the Board and the activities of his children, Ms. Leila Nematzadeh as the founder and CEO of the company and Mr. Mehdi Nematzadeh as the Director of Marketing, Management and Personnel, at his discretion, are considered responsible and work

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