sponge iron sludge at cheapest price

DRI Sludge sponge iron sludge:Foam granules of sponge iron that have been washed after contact with reducing gases and transferred to particulate collection pon

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buy sponge iron vs scrap fines and sludge

The buy sponge iron vs scrap – the buy sponge iron fines and buy sponge iron sludge – has expanded with the development of technologies for the use of these products and the re-entry of these products into the steel making cycle, which has reduced the waste of mineral products in the steel making chain.

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prices of sponge iron sludge

Determine the prices of sponge iron sludge in the buy and sale of sponge iron sludge according to its analysis. The analysis consists of total iron content, iron oxide percentage and its type, the percentage of impurities in the product including phosphorus, silica, etc., as well as its moisture content.

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