Magnetite iron ore mining from the ground

These iron ores Minerals from
which iron is extracted are mostly iron oxides, such as magnetite or hematite,
which account for 2 to 20 percent of the impu

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magnetite iron ore sales contract

magnetite iron ore sale contract

Contract No.:  11103/A Date: 2019.04.14 Seller: Simurgh Iron and Steel Company Address : Tabriz & Tehran, Iran Telephone: +989120169267, +982147623014 Fax: 02147623014 Represented by: Leila Ne’matzadeh AND :Buyer :Address :Telephone :Fax :Email  :Represented by This contract is made by and between the buyer and seller whereby the buyer agrees to buy and the seller agrees […]

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magnetite iron ore concentrate

Sales of magnetite concentrate iron ore exported by analyzing 67% Fe at a rate of 28% FeO below 2 with low harmful elements (phosphorus and sulfur values lower than 0.08% and 0.05%), at a tonnage of 30,000 tonnes per day, by SIMURGH iron and steel company. The place of delivery is mine. Due to the volatility […]

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magnetite iron ore suppliers

magnetite iron ore fines for sale

Purchase prices of iron ore magnetite with 62% purity fell below -6.3% for today, August 22, 2019, below the iron ore price at the time of breaking the vale Brazil dam disaster. The reasons for the decline in iron ore prices over the past month, along with the day rate in Chinese ports, are also […]

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umetal iron ore price

Magnetite iron ore exports from Iran based on umetal iron ore price. Umetal is an indicator that is known to be among iranian traders of the steel industry.

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magnetite iron ore prices

magnetite iron ore price per ton – wholesale & suppliers

The magnetite iron ore price per ton, iron pellets and concentrates is at the peak of several years. Iron and steel prices have made unprecedented leaps in the first half of 2019. The uptrend rate continues.

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magnetite iron ore price today per ton

The increase in the magnetite iron ore price today per ton in Iran’s ports has been impressive due to the global rise in prices. The price of iron ore 62 fe has experienced a tangible increase of $ 15 from $ 55 to $ 69.8 since 2019. The global price of iron ore 62 fe […]

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% 60 Fe magnetite iron ore for sale

%60 Fe magnetite iron ore for sale

% 60 Fe magnetite iron ore for sale is offered by Simurgh iron and steel company. Currently, the full list of supplies from the mines and sites of Simurgh iron and steel company include iron ore 60-61 percent, iron ore 54-56 percent, iron ore 58-59 percent.

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iron ore for sale – magnetite iron ore suppliers

Magnetite iron ore for sale with grains of 0-10 about 90%, and purity of 60-61% in dry condition, is carried out by Sirmurgh Iron and Steel Company. Fortunately, the percentage of impurities in alumina, silica and phosphorus is low. The tonnage is 30 thousand tons monthly. Please see the supply details below.

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