Simurgh Iron and Steel Company

Simurgh Iron and Steel Co. subset of the Arad Holdings Group has started its activities in supplying all kinds of raw materials of steel industry including iron ore, concentrate, pellets, sponge iron and briquettes since 2015. The ability to supply and process all types of raw materials with products has increased the power of supplying companies in the field of these products. Products such as iron ore in the types of hematite and magnetite, concentrates, pellets, sponge iron, iron briquettes, iron ingots and steel are our most important products. The company is under the supervision of Mr. Mohammad Nematzadeh as the company’s managing director and the activities of his children Mr. Mehdi Nematzadeh as Marketing Director and Ms. Leila Nematzadeh as the company’s management.

Mission and programs

Possibility to exploit the benevolent gifts of Iran including iron-rich minerals and pure humanity talents by developing the markets for consuming Iranian steel products in the world, given the current need of international markets for these products, is the main goal of this company.

The possibility of exchanging products in different parts of the world between countries through exports is the most important need for the benefit of all humans of all the amenities and blessings that have been donated to humans in different parts of the world.

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